Manage and distribute software

powerful on premises package repository management.

On Premises

Run packagecloud:enterprise in your datacenter, behind your firewall and 100% under your control.

Your Domain

packagecloud:enterprise runs on a domain of your choice with your SSL certificate.

Your GPG key

packagecloud:enterprise uses your GPG key so your customers know you generated your repositories.

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) mQINBFLUbogBEADceEoxBDoE6QM5xV/13qiELbFIkQgy/eEi3UesXmJblFdU7wcD LOW3NuOIx/dgbZljeMEerj6N1cR7r7X5sVoFVEZiK4RLkC3Cpdns0d90ud2f3VyK K7PXRBstdLm3JlW9OWZoe4VSADSMGWm1mIhT601qLKKAuWJoBIhnKY/RhA/RBXt7 z22g4ta9bT67PlliTo1a8y6DhUA7gd+5TsVHaxDRrzc3mKObdyS5LOT/gf8Ti2tY BY5MBbQ8NUGExls4dXKlieePhKutFbde7sq3n5sdp1Ndoran1u0LsWnaSDx11R3x iYfXJ6xGukAc6pYlUD1yYjU4oRGhD2fPyuewqhHNUVwqupTBQtEGULrtdwK04kgI H93ssGRsLqUKe88uZeeBczVuupv8ZLd1YcQ29AfJHe6nsevsgjF+eajYlzsvC8BN q3nOvvedcuI6BW4WWFjraH06GNTyMAZi0HibTg65guZXpLcpPW9hTzXMoUrZz8Mv J9yUBcFPKuFOLDpRP6uaIbxJsYqiituoltl0vgS/vJcpIVVRwSaqPHa6S63dmKm2 6gq18v4l05mVcInPn+ciHtcSlZgQkCsRTSvfUrK+7nzyWtNQMGKstAZ7AHCoA8Pb c3i7wyOtnTgfPFHVpHg3JHsPXKk9/71YogtoNFoETMFeKL1K+O+GMQddYQARAQAB tDdwYWNrYWdlY2xvdWQgb3BzIChwcm9kdWN0aW9uIGtleSkgPG9wc0BwYWNrYWdl

Every package version and every Linux flavor

Upload as many versions as you like for every distribution of Linux you support.

It's easy to upload packages for every version of CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and more all in the same repository.

$ package_cloud push company/repo/el/5 pkg-1.0.el5.rpm Looking for repository at company/repo... success! Pushing pkg-1.0.el5.rpm... success $ package_cloud push company/repo/ubuntu/precise pkg_1.0.deb Looking for repository at company/repo... success! Pushing pkg_1.0.deb... success

Fine-grained access control

Easily grant and revoke repository access as part of your customer lifecycle.

Repository access can be scaled up or down alongside of infrastructure using our REST API.

Works with your infrastructure


End to end HTTPS and GPG signed repository metadata.

Powerful Automation

Chef and Puppet integrations to easily and securely install repositories anywhere. Upload new packages using our Jenkins plugin, Travis CI, or Circle CI integrations.


Add other packagecloud:enterprise users as collaborators to repositories. Collaborators can push and yank packages, as well as generate and revoke access tokens.

Private Repos

Repositories with access control are perfect for internal infrastructure or selling enterprise software.

Multiple Linux Versions

Store and distribute packages for every Linux distribution in a single repository with zero configuration by you.

Unlimited versions

Store every version of every package you generate. Never delete build artifacts ever again.